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Speed, in itself is a relative term and is never the cause of accidents. Driving too fast for conditions, be it car, road, driver ability or weather is usually what causes accidents. There is no question, however, that at the ‘point of impact’ speed does play a major roll in determining the amount of damage done.  Therefore we concentrate our efforts in avoiding impact... at any speed.   To do that we need to be better drivers. To become better drivers, we need to learn and hone our driving skills. We believe that higher skilled drivers on the highways make it safer for all of us, no matter what speed they are traveling.

I speed every day!   Can you honestly say you never exceed the speed limit?  We all speed at one time or another.  Technically speaking, you are speeding if you exceed the limit by one kilometer per hour.  Many drivers who speak out against speeders are themselves, speeders.  The only difference is by how much we exceed the limit.   The term “speeder” is ambiguous.   Perhaps that is why the law differentiates between “Dangerous driving” and “Speeding”.  Therefore, exceeding the speed limit is not necessarily dangerous.

Two men in Ontario, Canada were once ticketed for obstucting traffic when in protest to an earlier speeding ticket on the same highway, they drove two vehicles side by side at the speed limit, blocking both their lanes.  How could they be ticketed for obstructing traffic if they were driving at the speed limit?  Apparently because everyone else would have been speeding and the government revenues would have suffered?

I often wonder why, when cars are safer and better designed than ever before, that speed limit has never increased proportionately.  The only answer I can think of is that drivers have not changed.

A car is probably the most dangerous weapon invented by humans.   More people have died in auto accidents in the last 60 years in North America than in armed conflict.   It is a pity (but not surprising) that the billion dollars spent on gun control in Canada had not been spent on advanced driver training.   The number of lives saved on the highways could have been staggering compared to firearm fatalities. 

There is nothing that can guarantee a safe and ticket-less journey on the highways but the more you drive your car under more extreme speeds and conditions in a safe environment, the better prepared you will be when you are on the highways and the unexpected happens.

We are here to celebrate cars and speed...road cruises and road trips...sedans and sports cars, and most of all we celebrate putting the pedal to the metal.  Join us and our stories and articles and share your own stories with us in our free member forum.

Having a Ferrari good time !

Having a Ferrari good time !